Our History

Our Start

We started off with a humble team of 5.


Improvement For Good

By 2010 we grew to a team of 100+ team members growing each year.



Overall 500+ employees with a network spread in 3 States Gujarat, Maharashtra & MP.


National Recognition

Received Award from MP Government for performance excellence in the field of Security & hospitality – Kumbh Mela.


Success Story

We have grown exponentially in the last few years starting from a humble team of 5 in the hospitality.


Pan India Presence

We today are present in 7 States with over 2100 personnel and over 1500+ clients in last 14+ years.


Pan India Presence

Mars Group is a leading, integrated security company, specialising in the provision of Security & Facility solutions to customers for the last 14+ years. Mars Group is having a PAN India presence across 7 major states Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu employing over 2100+ personnel for Security Management & Housekeeping services.

We believe security and facility management are two major aspects that are required in every walks of a business/individual life cycle, and we ace it! We provide a force that is well equipped and equally responsible for each service we specify.

We prevail to provide you with the best Security and Facility assistance.

We at Mars Group thrive to deliver cost effective & Customer centric Housekeeping & Facility Management solutions to help our business Partners & Society at large in building an eco-friendly and cleaner Environment.


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